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Justin Grillo, PCC, Owner

Justin M. Grillo, PCC and co-owner of The Center for Hearing Care is new to the Hearing Aid business but enjoys helping people. He has been in the customer support business for over 30 years. Starting with 25+ years as an Elvis Tribute Artist. You should really hear him sing. Following working in customer retail for 6 years.

Mr. Grillo met his wife in 2021 and since then, they have bought a house, got married, had their first child (baby girl), and bought their very own practice. He father was very big in helping people as he worked in the food market industry, hence is where Mr. Grillo got his love of community support. Having hearing loss himself, he is able to understand patients better.

Mr. Grillo grew up in Brooklyn, OH, and currently resides with his wife, daughter and 5 dogs in Madison, OH. They hope to one day buy a home closer to their new business.

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